Lilac au Lait


The greatly anticipated harvest of lilac that nestles upon the side of my home has finally begun. The quiet rainy nights of April have ushered in the dewy fragrant mornings of May.

This time of year always astounds me with its rapidity of growth; each day bestows our senses with vivacious delight. 

En masse, Lady Lilac is a textural wonder of delicate movement, stirred by each story brought forth by the breeze.

She sweeps the floor with her undeniably unique fragrance & lithe gesture. See her lovingly laid out & lounging upon the rattan.

Each nearly imperceptible blossom imparts its own sweetness and when singled out, is an astounding reminder of natures meticulously perfect craftsmanship.

Fragrance & Feeling buoyantly mingle in a cool bowl of cream...

...each petal haphazardly placed by the afternoon breeze.

Luscious & fresh, for your scented pleasure.

Even in the aftermath, Lady Lilac remains ever so elegant.